What is data backup and why is it important?

If you’re like the majority of small business owners, then you’ve probably asked yourself this question before.

What is data backup?

Data backup is a process of duplicating data to allow retrieval of the duplicate set after a data loss event. Today, there are many kinds of data backup services that help enterprises and organizations ensure that data is secure and that critical information is not lost in a natural disaster, theft situation or other kind of emergency.

Why You Need Computer Backup?

Hardware Failure

Inevitably, your hard drive will die, and even an external hard drive isn’t safe from viruses or external destruction like water or drop damage. The average lifespan of a decent hard drive is 5-6 years, which is barely enough time to fill it with data.

Hard drive failure is the most common cause of data loss, both among professional and personal computer users, and once a hard drive fails, there is little chance of recovery. That is why it’s important to back up your computer regularly in order to protect it from hardware failure. When your files are backed up to the Cloud or other external server, they will be protected even when the hard drive is not.


Software issues are another reason why computer back up is necessary. Viruses can be downloaded by accident by yourself, family members or maliciously sent to users in your office. Once they take hold, it can be difficult to have them removed without damaging your existing databases.

Hackers also implant viruses in order to gather important information, usually credit card numbers, passwords, or other classified information that can be used against you or your business. While there are actions you can take if your computer is hacked, backing up your computer will protect your private information and also provide you with an extra level of defense against hackers looking to steal your information or identity.


While hackers steal digital information, thieves will have no problem stealing actual computers, smart phones, hard drives, or even servers from homes, businesses, or storage facilities. Even with encryption codes and passwords, the most adept thieves will simply take apart your computer or phone and sell the parts.

Once stolen, it is unlikely you’ll ever see it again. If you back up your data to an external space such as the Cloud, you’ll still be able to access it even if your computer is stolen, and you’ll be able to re-download the information to your new software and hard drives. When you back up your data with us, we give you access to our cloud storage mobile app so you can reach your information anywhere at any time. So if it takes some time for a new computer or server to come in, you won’t notice any speed bumps in your daily work

Back up your data now!

Backing up your computer means you are taking a proactive approach to your data. Consider it your way of taking an insurance policy out on your computer that will protect you from the internal and external forces that threaten its safety. If you don’t back up your computer today, you are at risk for viruses, hackers, and hard drive failure that can cause you to lose your data forever.


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